12 days on, a website is born

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been setting up the very basic framework of velo-vidi-vici.com, and now I think it’s just about complete enough to share, so if you’re coming here from my Facebook/Twitter etc, hello!

The site is still pretty bare, it has be said. It will operate mainly like a blog once I’m actually out and about on the road but until then I’m focusing on getting the static pages all sorted out. Thus far I’ve basically covered the details of the trip, which are themselves not completely sorted, but there’s a few more pages to come, so make sure you either subscribe/follow/whatever-it-is or just check back.

There is a lot still to come, that’s for sure. I just wanted to get this out there first.

Now then, I’m off to celebrate turning 19, and will hopefully have a nice nearly-finished website done by the end of next week.
Until then,



6 Replies to “12 days on, a website is born”

  1. Sounds like a great trip. A word of advice from someone who has cycled all over Europe (albeit in two week bites). Cycling into capital and other really large cities can be difficult, frustrating and dangerous. We found a great approach was to cycle into the sububurbs and then take the train into the centre. You might think this is ‘cheating’ but try Paris or Barcellona ‘properly’ and then let me know…. Also you’ll find that the contintals are laid back about taking bikes on trains, it’s only in the UK where the train companies make it difficult.

    Will be following you with interest, Will

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    1. Thank-you very much for the advice! The approach into the capitals in one of the things I’m still pondering over, so it’s good to hear of your experience. Though you are right, I would feel like I’d cheated slightly if I did take the train!
      However that is very handy to know, as what I’ll likely do is give London/Paris a shot and see how I find it – now I know I could get the train without any issues.

      Thanks for reading!

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  2. This is great, and I love the name of your adventure. And bloody hell, it’s well-planned. My only advice would be to wander off-route if you feel like it (although if you’ve pre-booked accommodation then that might not be possible). And since you’re nearby, try to see San Marino and Bratislava – both worth a look. Your mum might say it’s dangerous – mine did – but the most dangerous stretch of your entire trip will be in the UK. Mainland Europeans tend to be a bit more cycle-friendly. And a massive thanks for your kind words about my book – much appreciated! I’m really glad it helped. I look forward to reading yours 😉 It’s a pity we couldn’t have met up next year, but you’ll be in France when my all-Britain tour begins mid-April. Good luck with it. You’ll have a blast!
    Cheers, Steven.
    PS. Say hello to Damian and Jo when you’re in Graz.

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    1. I’m torn between planning and going wild I suppose, so I’ve gone for the former knowing I can just wander around if I find I want to. I’ve not booked much accommodation yet so it’s all up in the air, but yes – the idea of going off-route certainly appeals to me, I’ll probably end up doing so whether I plan to or not!

      I’m humbled to know you’ve read this, and I’ll be sure to be in touch to see if I can steal some of your touring advice very soon, and of-course I’ll say hello to J+D for you!

      It’s a shame we can’t meet next year, we’ll have to try and coordinate our next shenanigans somehow!

      (As it happens I’m definitely considering Bratislava, it’s temptingly close.)

      Lovely to speak to you,


      1. Don’t be humbled. I’m nowt special. I just did a big ride. And please ask anything you like. I disagree, respectfully of course, with the other comment about capitals being difficult to get into. Sometimes there’s so much traffic that it can’t move and it’s like cycling around a car park. The only one I really struggled with was Madrid, and had I been coming from the east rather than the south it would have been a doddle. Just make sure you get a decent city map so you can see the main roads and dual carriageways to avoid. Most cities have a sneakable road, even London (try the Edgware Road, the A5 I think). And I had no problem entering Paris from due west. As far as making a route, I liked to pick fixed points (in my case, capital cities) for particular dates and knew I had to be there by a given time, but the route between capitals and how far I cycled each day was fluid and could be modified based on who I met or if bad weather came. Oh, and one other thing. If anyone invites you to something, even if it’s something you don’t think would interest you, say ‘yes’. You might be surprised. I was.


  3. I believe I have you on Facebook so I’ll be sure to start dropping any questions that do come up very soon. The comments about city cycling are encouraging, the worst I’ve experienced to any real degree thus far is Preston, which isn’t quite on the same scale as London and Paris of-course. I’ll probably buy the first few maps I need beforehand and then get the others on the road, provided that would work – I imagine it would.
    As it stands I’ll be coming from Chelmsford towards NE London, wonder if river-side tracks are good enough to take me into the centre.

    Capitals are rapidly becoming my solid stop-offs too because that’s where people I’ll be meeting tend to want to go, the closer I get to setting off (without planning odd stopovers) the more appealing that fluidity sounds.

    Regarding saying ‘yes’, that was one of my favourite themes of the book and I’ll certainly be giving it a go – even before I leave!

    Apologies for the delay, heck of a December.


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