Film Credits

“These people, and in-fact people in general, would definitely provide the colour in this endeavour, I’d drawn a line through places, but I’d much more vividly and fondly remember the people whose own lines cut across mine.”

-Velo Vidi Vici (the book), Chapter 2

I’ve found one of the hardest challenges whilst writing about this trip being how to adequately thank every person who helped make it such an incredible experience. I’m slowly but surely putting together the 13 part web-series documenting all those adventures, as well as writing a book about its exploits. In both I’ve tried to feature all my friends and family, new and old, who shared their time and company with me. Below is a list of everyone who I could possibly remember (and suitably name) who I ran into and/or along with. Whether you appear in the film or the book or nothing at all, I will forever remember you and in many cases, all that you did to make the trip both possible and amazing.

Thank you.

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